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How do I self manage my permed ';black'; hair so it looks like i went to the salon?

hello. I am a west indian mixed female. I have had a perm for 12 years now. I get my roots touched up (Motions) 4-5 times a year (approximately every 10-12 weeks). I go to the (Dominican) hair salon every 2 weeks to get a wash and set and condition (All garnier fructis which I bring with me) and a light blowing.

The problem is that I have long hair however it is thin. About 4-5 days after the salon my hair looses its body. I seldom use flat irons, blowdryers or curling irons at home. I unwrap my hair only when i am going outside so i wear a silk head scarf most of the day.

I tried doing my own hair (blow dry and flat iron) however it never looks or falls the way it should like after i come from the hair salon. It turns out extrememly thich and looses its fluidity (not sure if this is the correct term). Please help me on how I can better manage my own hair so that it falls and looks as though i went to the salon.How do I self manage my permed ';black'; hair so it looks like i went to the salon?
I know what you mean, I had a perm and it never looks as good as when go to the salon.

What I did is went to the salon and asked them to give me a guide to keep up the volume and thickness. They will direct you and if they are really helpful show you how its done. They can also advise you on the products to style your hair with

Good luck.How do I self manage my permed ';black'; hair so it looks like i went to the salon?
Try a olive oil perm kit. it puts a lot of moisture back into your hair and comes with setting lotion for a wrap.
Hot curlers are a dream. And the proper products.
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  • Curly Hair For Relaxed/Permed Black Hair?

    how can you make your hair curly if you have relaxed straight hair, i have straightners and a curler but when ever i do it my hair just goes straight again a couple minutes after...

    please help... what can i do to make it stay curly

    all answers are appreciated

    x xCurly Hair For Relaxed/Permed Black Hair?
    I have relaxed hair and I use spritz when I put spiral curls in my hair. But if I just want curly curly hair I use my STEAM ROLLERS. I also put wrapping lotion in my hair IF I use my ROLLERS without the steam!Curly Hair For Relaxed/Permed Black Hair?
    Well one trick I use is putting my hair in box braids for a day or two then loose them out and my hair gets curly, or sectioning my hair and wrap each section around my fingers and put hair pins in and then hours later it's curly, but this is only soft curls.
    Roller set you hair after shampooing it with setting lotion then sit under a hair dryer to bake the curls. Spray with spritz after so it will hold the style.
    you could try scrunching your hair this always seems to work , you need gel , and some hairsparay and your hair needs to be wet and you just put the gel in and work you hair in everyway to try and make it wavey/curly.
    When you do that you have to use hairspray after so it keeps the hold.

    Make permed black hair wavy?

    i have a perm and long hair.

    i can't use water on my hair and will you hair still be wavy if you braid overnight, but don.t put any products in it. If no then please suggest other ideasMake permed black hair wavy?
    I don't understand what you mean that you can't use water on your hair. Why not?? You left out something important in your question.

    If you braid your hair, it will change its shape a bit... but it needs a bit of moisture to do that. There is enough in the air that it will ';set'; itself if left long enough. Perhaps braid it before a bath and the steam will be enough to set your hair if left overnight. Using any kind of product on it can just make it dirty and you will have to wash it sooner. But some good products might make the waves firmer, and smoother.

    So i have a friend with long real permed black hair, how does she do it?

    i no u can grow black hair long, but how do you do that.

    her hair is to her lower back.

    so how can you grow black hair long?So i have a friend with long real permed black hair, how does she do it?
    You just have to take really good care of your hair. Be really gentle with you hair. Use good products. Take hair vitamins. Also, genetics has a lot to do with it. Some people can grow really long hair and some can't, regardless of race. It has to do with how long each hair follicle stays in its active phase. Each follicle will be in an active phase for a while, then go dormant for a while, then go active again. When it's active hair is growing. When it's dormant the hair falls out. So, if your hair follicles are active for more than 3 years you can get fairly long hair, but if they aren't active that long you'll never get long hair because the hair follicle will go dormant before your hair can get long. There's really no way to control it. It is what it is. Just be gentle with you hair and take hair vitamins. That's all you can do.So i have a friend with long real permed black hair, how does she do it?
    visit this site:

    just for us.

    one of my friends has long permed hair too, she says she uses all organic products.

    i guess it makes a difference.

    mine is permed too, but it's only like an inch below my shoulders.
    you adda relaxer or brush the perm solution straight, it's still wavy, but is much longer
    lately ive been massaging my hairr.

    rubb olive oill and massage ittt.

    hmm, i think that you should not washh it often..

    hope that helps thankss.

    Shud i getta Perm?Black hair question?

    my hair is poofy

    I use a strainting comb to do my hair

    Not a flat iron

    My Hair gets really straight but ihts SUPER thick

    so it never looks straight when it is

    Anywho Shud i get i perm? or does it damage Hair

    i have hair lik this wen iht combed btw鈥?/a> t and when its not combed鈥?/a>Shud i getta Perm?Black hair question?
    you can get a perm, but if you havent had one, go get it done professionally. if you ave had one, then you can go get a kit at the store.

    you have thick and poofy hair, so a perm would be just fine, but if you do, DONT get it wet in the next couple of days cuz it will fall out. make sure that u have a stylist that knows what shes doing! yes it can damage it if its in too long!Shud i getta Perm?Black hair question?
    I have curly hair and I don't use perms. I use a texurizer it is supposed to loosen you curls, but on the plus side I can straighten my hair with the blow dryer. I heard texurizers are better for your hair than perms, but it's really your choice. I like having the texurizer so I can wear my hair straight and curly.

    My Perm. Black hair dye faded and vanished.. wtf?

    Ok i dyed it the ';Shiny Black'; type.

    Looked great when it was first done. But now there is a problem.

    After no less then two weeks, people started point out that the tips of my hair was brown. It looked really freaky (My original hair color is dark brown).

    I wash my hair every two days.. so whats going on? I did notice a somewhat purplish bubble stuff after i washed my hair one day. But this was only once? did i scrub my hair too hard when washing or something? tips please.

    BTW: Re-dying my hair tomorrow.. its been a month and a week now and my hair is completely back to normal.My Perm. Black hair dye faded and vanished.. wtf?
    Check the product you used. It's possible that you bought what's called a ';Demi-permanent'; color. They are actually designed to wash out in 2 to 4 weeks. What you want to look for is ';permanent'; color. As your hair grows from the roots, you will eventually see this color grow out. That's why girls are always having their roots ';touched up';.

    Lastly if you did in fact use permanent color it's possible that the shampoo that you used could have washed the color out. Cheap shampoos like Suave, White Rain, VO5 etc... have a lot of alcohol and detergents in them that will wash color out and even wash out a perm. Buy a good color safe shampoo, like Color Vive or something. If that doesn't work I would say go to a stylist and have them put the color in.My Perm. Black hair dye faded and vanished.. wtf?
    Permanent hair dyes are not, in fact, permanent. They only last a little longer than the semi perm., or the temp. kind. If it were me, I would either pull my hair through a good frosting cap. The type purchased at Sally's Beauty supply, then color the strands the black color. This way, you can choose how heavy you want it to be. As it washes out, it will continue to look more natural. This also helps with new growth, as it wont show up as '; new growth on a dye job ';. It's important to understand that any chemicals you put on your hair will strip the color, sooner, if not all together. Also, and this is very important, the cooler you can stand the water when you shampoo and condition, then the longer it will last. It concerns me that you washed your hair and some purple was in the bubbles. Could someone have put something in your shampoo perhaps?

    Semi-Perm Black Hair Die.. HELP GIRLS!!?

    I have really dark brown/mohogany hair and i really really want to go black. I thought about it loads (maybe too much) and im really worried.

    If i do it will i ever get my natural hair colour back?

    And if i dont like it, how long will it take to completly fade out of my hair?

    lol i just want to be sure!!

    Thanks for your help girls :P xSemi-Perm Black Hair Die.. HELP GIRLS!!?
    Semi Perm hair color is still going to stain the hair, so it will never completly come out. I would not recomend going BLACK BLACK as you will never be able to lift the black color with another color. Thats the number one rule to remember when you are coloring hair: you can never lift a color with another color.Semi-Perm Black Hair Die.. HELP GIRLS!!?
    i agree with above but you could get black lowlights then if you dont like them the growing out wont be as obvious. black dye semi permanant or permanant will not come out with out a lot of time and money. but demi permanant like redkens shades eq line would last 30 days and fade a little and your hair is dark to begin with so it would work with the least amount of commitment
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